This letter is written by Ms.Kshipra Borgaonkar and has been published here with her express permission. Contents are as under:


   Dear Dad,

​I know writing a letter in this time and age seems a little too old fashioned but sometimes, writing down words seem easier than standing in front of you and telling you how much you mean to me. I write to you not only as your daughter, but as one of many daughters who know the unique intricacies of the lessons only their fathers could teach them. I write to you because out of every helping hand I have received in this world, you receive the least amount of credit and praise for the things you do. It’s because of you that today, I can call myself a strong and independent woman.

A father teaches his daughter many lessons about what it means to truly love and experience this life. Being a father is no easy task. A father makes a huge impact on his daughter’s life. He is the first man she says “I love you” to, and the first man to really show her what love is.

Dad, I remember everything. I remember how you made me listen to the evergreen songs of talented artists like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, RD Burman and many more. The little me learnt the art of culminating a good taste in music from you. I remember how you used to wait for me outside my class just to make sure your princess doesn’t have to come back home alone after her long boring lectures. With every math question I had, you also got the job as my personal tutor. Although you’re always willing to help, you showed me that I can solve problems on my own. I remember every time you selflessly did what I wanted and didn’t ask for anything in return. I remember it all dad, because it lives in the heart of a daughter forever.

To be honest, I can’t remember a time when you weren’t there for me — not only as a father, but as a friend.

From teaching me how to walk or throw a ball, you’ve showed me ways to stand on my own two feet. A dad’s job is not only to protect his little girl, but also to show her how to defend herself when, one day, he is not around.
You also were the one who taught me about social work, books and life lessons in between. I guess you can say you’ve never stopped teaching me. Dad, you taught me never to give up. You didn’t just tell me how to live, you did it and actually, showed me. You let me experience life in my own way.
Dad, as much as I want to thank you, I also want to apologize. Raising a teenage girl might be one of the biggest challenges a father goes through. Speaking from my own experience, I am sorry for any grey hairs I’ve caused you in the past.

Even though I freaked at you when you suggested I wear less makeup, I knew it was cause you saw my true beauty. At times I was embarrassed when you demanded to meet my friends and have their numbers, but now I understand you just wanted to make sure I was in good hands.

I know I was a handful at times, but really, what daughter isn’t? I also acknowledge there’s still a long future of me screwing up and running to you for help.

Even though we don’t always understand each other, you’re one of the biggest influences in my life. A father is the one who guides his daughter through life.

Whether it was a school speech, drama event or any defining moment in my life, you’ve always been one of my biggest fans. Wherever I end up, I hope I make you proud.

Every little girl grows up looking up to her dad, but I’ve never stopped. I know there’s no such thing as a perfect dad, but you come pretty close.

As days pass by and we grow older, I know deep down inside that no matter how old I get, I will always be your little princess.
It took me 19 years to realize that inside that hard, strict exterior, there’s a lovable man who would do anything to see me smile. I know no matter what comes my way, you will always be there with me helping me be strong.

I hope you know I’m never really letting go because I know that through any stage I encounter or dream I decide to chase, you’re still back there watching me, and waiting for my call.I strive to be as strong as you and maybe one day, I will. But until then, I need your hand pulling me forward. I need your smile to brighten up the dark days and your voice on the lonely nights.

Dad, you’re not only the reason I’m here today but the reason I will survive today and make it to tomorrow. I know that in my heart there is no love like the first love, and that part of me will always belong to my dad. I hope one day I can show you how important you are to me.

Your little chakuli.

Copyright Ms. Kshipra Borgaonkar



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  1. Very well written Ms Kshipra Borgaonkar. Candid n beautiful expression of emotions for a father by his doting daughter…..brimming with love, trust n devotion.
    Fathers r always special, and truly said, ‘first love’ of their daughters.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ms. Kshipra Birgaonjar very well written, unable to control my emotions. A father is always making his baby into a woman and when she is a woman he turns her back again. Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.


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