The change that ought to be

20161211_074134Rashmi Malapur’s blog: Research Eye:

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@ Andheri-West, Mumbai, India

Life is full of ironies and conflicts. Something that you believed in a few years back might be challenged by an incident, which changes the way you think.

It’s ironical how you start accepting and doing things that you never imagined you would do.

Things around might not change, but things within you surely do. The way you look at situations, people and surroundings changes; perspective changes and a new ‘YOU’ emerges. It is a beautiful experience to observe and feel the change within.

Often when I set out to travel, I revisit places. As a traveller, I see the place and it’s surrounding haven’t changed much. But, every time I feel different; I observe new things or probably those things always existed but, I didn’t notice them.

So, never be rigid, accept the change and keep smiling.

© Copyright 2017 Rashmi S. Malapur




12 thoughts on “The change that ought to be

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  1. The only thing constant in life is ‘change’. Change is inevitable.
    People change, situations change, times change. It may not always seem possible to accept ‘change’. The only thing within our power is to change ourselves. And this makes acceptance easier n life beautiful with ‘pleasant’ surprises..

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    1. Hey Meena, thanks a ton!! So true, only thing constant in our life and around us is ‘change’. Life is indeed beautiful when we adapt ourselves. I’am so glad you loved my writing. Happy reading.


  2. Rashmi Malapur is a imminent and prolific writer with that uncanny knack of touching your mind and soul.

    I deeply appreciate her articles and poems which are thrilling.

    She is unbelievably a rising star to achieve the greater heights in journalism in recent times.

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  3. Rashmi madam ur poem is inspiring. Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Without change there is no innovation,creativity or incentive for improvement. Looking forward to more such occasions to read the poems penned by you. Regards Shobha Mohan RAM.

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  4. Rashmi

    Your spontaneous response has encouraged us to look for more and more write ups from your side.

    Many thanks for writing on this blog

    Glad that you have drawn many of our people to happy reading.

    You are always welcome on this blog


  5. Hiiiiiiii Rashmi…
    Who can understand this better than a person who pours out his/her emotions:


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